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Michael Keaton in Toy Story 3

MichaelKeaton.jpgNews on Toy Story 3 has been a bit thin on the ground. The last we heard was the plot change, which saw all the toys being left at a day care centre when Andy goes to college.

Now another cast member has been added to the third film, and it's Michael Keaton.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and John Ratzenberger are all back for Toy Story 3. The plot had originally had all the toys being recalled. But that was changed to them being dumped at a day care centre, with Andy all grown up and leaving for college.

IESB have spoken to Jodi Benson, she voiced Barbie in the second film. She says she will be back for the third film. And not only that, but Michael Keaton will be voicing Ken. Keaton also voiced a character in Cars, a film I've seen too many times too mention.

I'm still a little dubious about the plot, but having delivered on the first two I'm hoping the third will work. Maybe the plan is for them to break out and try and track Andy down. Who knows. Let's hope it's good whatever it is.



I want to see more work from Keaton, and I guess this will have to count. Love the Toy Story films and I'm hoping this third film will be just as good. Fingers crossed!

Mine are crossed too. It'll be interesting to see what the third one looks like as well, given the films Pixar have made since.


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