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Midnight Meat Train killed by studio

CliveBarker.jpgIt seems that the studio aren't that happy with Midnight Meat Train, or if inside sources are to believed, the studio aren't happy with the former direction of Lionsgate into horror, and indeed with the previous head of the studio, Peter Block.

Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train is suffering with a release to a mere one hundred and two cinemas in the U.S. and even worse they are dollar and second run cinemas at that. So is it a bad film? Well the answer may in moralistic and political choices more than anything.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily the real reason that Midnight Meat Train was given such a pathetic release and earned a mere US $32,000 was that Lionsgate are wanting to do less and less horror and at the same time the new head of the studio, Joe Drake, doesn't want the projects started under the previous head, Peter Block, to do well.

Of course this is conjecture, and while it makes sense that the new head wouldn't want the previous head's films to do well, it doesn't make sense for the company, and if I were in that company right now I'd be asking some very pointed questions.

On the moralistic grounds, well the site quotes that oft banded term “torture porn”, a term I can't abide and is just a stick used for beating horror films that others either don't like from the outset or think are responsible for the decline of society.

If the studio are moving away from horror then this is worrying, for they have some interesting horror projects on their slate including Repo! The Genetic Opera which could be headed to limited releases.

I'm not so sure that it's as clear cut as this, and while I think that Midnight Meat Train might have earned much more than the US $32,000 that it did, I'm not sure it would have drawn in the audiences. Perhaps it is destined for a larger DVD release?

Whatever the reasoning, it may be a lot more complex than a simple change in direction for Lionsgate or a selfish desire of a studio head to outdo his predecessor, and it marks another half hearted Clive Barker adapted film.



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