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MIrrors opening scene online

Mirrors.jpgThe opening to Mirrors, the Kiefer Sutherland starrer from the director Alexandre Aja who also co-wrote the adaptation of the Korean horror film Geoul sokeuro (Into the Mirror) alongside Grégory Levasseur, is now online, and it's looking good.

Not only is it looking good but it's looking bloody too, so if you're under age you shouldn't watch it, since according to Governments and various bodies made of very old people, we'll end up going mad and murdering others if we do.

You can see the clip right here which I found through Coming Soon:

I think that's really looking good. It's dark, moody, and there's some real terror in that guy's eyes. Then there's the uncompromising attack which looks pretty damn bloody.

I'm looking forward to Mirrors more and more, and to begin with I was just really unsure about seeing Kiefer Sutherland in this kind of role, especially after his long stints on 24. Yet I think I'm really coming round to it.

Personally though I think that has more to do with Alexandre Aja than anyone else, I mean he has the excellent The Hills Have Eyes (Filmstalker review) remake behind him and before that Haute Tension \ Switchblade Romance, both superb horrors.



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