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Morgan Freeman in car crash

MorganFreeman.jpgNow if you read Filmstalker you'll know that I am pretty much against idle gossip related to stars private lives, what they do off screen should be their business, much like your private life is yours. However sometimes a story just warrants writing about, and the shocking news that Morgan Freeman is in hospital after a car crash is one of those stories.

Reports are varied at the moment with some sources saying that he's in critical condition and others that he was talking and entirely lucid at the scene of the accident.

The BBC have the story that he is in a serious condition after being in a car crash this morning. He was driving in Tallahatchie County in the Mississippi Delta when the accident happened. Those on the scene are suggesting that the car flipped in the air several times before landing in a ditch.

Apparently the car had to be ripped open using the jaws of life to get Morgan Freeman out, however throughout he was reported to be talking and joking with people around him.

There's one quote that both horrifies me regarding the public and their lack of respect for people's privacy, but also makes me smile at the kind of person I imagine Freeman to be. One bystander is alleged to have attempted to take his photo with a mobile phone, to which he responded “No freebies”.

That makes me laugh and shake my head in despair at the same time.

However the good news is that he was lucid enough to talk and make such jokes, so I do hope that the reports of his state of health are being overplayed by the media.

Despite Morgan Freeman being seventy-one, I do feel that he has so much more to give cinema audiences and could go on playing roles for many, many films and years to come. All our best wishes from Filmstalker Mr Freeman.



I caught this news last night on Teletext (as I am flat-hunting I have no web access where I am staying) and hoped that he would be alright. I dont think I have seen any work of Mr. Freeman that I didnt like.


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