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Mortensen's Good trailer online

ViggoMortensen.jpgGood is a film directed by Vicente Amorim and adapted from a play, it stars Viggo Mortensen as a good and decent man who publishes a book that is used as party propaganda by a popular political party.

Before long he finds that he is being drawn into the group and that their motivations are becoming more and more clouded. The country is Germany, and the group is called the Nazi party.

The trailer for Good looks pretty interesting, as does the cast. Not only is Viggo Mortensen leading, but there's Jason Isaacs, Mark Strong and Steven Mackintosh as well. It looks a powerful film adapted from the stage play by C.P. Taylor.

Have a look at the trailer found through Rope of Silicon and see what you think:

I'm intrigued, as I am anything with Mortensen, and I do like Strong as an actor, in fact the whole leading line up is rather good.



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