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My Name is Bruce screening dates with Bruce Campbell!

MyNameisBruce.jpgThere have been some dates announced for the first screenings of My Name is Bruce, and what's more they will feature the very man himself, Bruce Campbell. No, I don't just mean on film, he's actually going to be making personal appearances at the following screenings.

Hopefully, for the audiences that attend there'll be a chance to have a Q&A with him after the film, something I would love to see. So if you're a Filmstalker then get yourself to one of the screenings and report back.

The following screening list comes from a press release from the man himself, Bruce Campbell, which was carried on Mark Verheiden's blog. Mark Verheiden is the writer of My Name is Bruce by the way. The film gets released on October 26th.

10/26 Austin, TX Alamo Drafthouse - Black Curtain screening/premiere
with Harry Knowles
10/31-11/2 NYC
11/5 Philadelphia, PA
11/7 Boston, MA
11/9 Hartford, CT
11/12 New Haven, CT
11/14 Baltimore, MD
11/15 Washington D.C.
11/19 Columbus, OH
11/20 Toledo, OH
11/21-23 Detroit, MI
11/28-30 Chicago, IL
12/3 Madison, WI
12/5-7 Minneapolis, MN
12/12 Seattle, WA
12/13-14 Portland, OR
12/15 – Medford, Or
12/17 San Francisco, CA
12/18 Berkeley, CA
12/19-21 Los Angeles, CA

Oh I wish I was going. If you are, a report back would be superb, especially if you manage to catch a Q&A.

My Name is Bruce is the film where Bruce Campbell plays, and directs, himself, well the showbiz self of Bruce Campbell. He is roped into helping a small town who are being overrun by monsters, and with his film reputation they think he's the man to clear them out.



anybody have any idea when we will see this in the uk if at all, i dont doubt itll end up getting limited screenings at best but im willing to travel


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