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Myers is an Inglorious Bastard

MikeMyers.jpgYou know I think we're going to find out that at release time this film really is going to be called Inglourious Basterds, however in the meantime sites are having fun with the titles of which new star is a Bastard and the latest is Mike Myers.

You know I remember hearing about this film ages ago and dream castings being thrown around such as Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone, but apart from the one big casting of Brad Pitt, now we're stepping down the ranks somewhat.

The latest addition of Mike Myers, as announced through Variety, playing a British General, hopefully not with one of his ludicrous accents and maybe playing it a little straighter.

So apart from the previously announced Brad Pitt, the other names aren't as heft as I had expected, Myers, Simon Pegg, Natassja Kinski David Krumholtz and the previous announcement of B.J. Novak and Eli Roth. Of course there's the talk of the old favourite Michael Madsen, but we'll have to see.

Sure there are a couple in there that are well known and are doing well in their various roles, but there's a decided lack of the huge named talent that we'd be expecting from Quentin Tarantino.

Perhaps there's nothing that can get me over that first touted cast that never came to be, however I just don't think that Inglorious Bastards is turning out to have the plethora of names that I had hoped for. Maybe I should look on the bright side, Pitt and Kinski.



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