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New Body of Lies trailer

BodyofLies.jpgWe have a new trailer for Body of Lies, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe. Ridley Scott has directed the film, which has DiCaprio and Crowe seemingly on the same side in the war on terror.

You can see the trailer inside, and it looks pretty good.

Body of Lies sees Leonardo DiCaprio as a CIA operative sent to Jordan to track down an Al Qaeda leader. He's helped there by the head of overt operations in Jordan, and a CIA veteran played by Russell Crowe. The CIA operative begins to wonder just how much he can trust the people on his own side. The trailer is below from Yahoo! Movies, through Coming Soon. Yahoo! also has the trailer in HD. I like the look of this one, although some of the humour seems a but out of place. What do you think?



Oh wow, I'm totally on board with that trailer, it looks stunningly good, and Crowe looks like he's going to be stealing the show.

I saw that trailer in the theater here a couple of weeks ago, and it looked confusing. Russell Crowe usually does fairly decent films. I just don't like films where I have to take notes to keep up with the action.


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