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New Max Payne trailer in HD

MaxPayne.jpgThere's a new trailer out for Max Payne and it's in high definition too. Despite starting off the same this trailer gives a little more of the story, and does something to address the appearance of the strange creatures we saw in the first trailer.

This trailer looks spectacular, really. This could be a superb film if the style continues through the film and they manage to keep a strong story in there too.

Story wise they certainly have enough to go on. Max Payne is a cop who comes home to find his family murdered by users of a new drug on the streets. He joins the undercover squad to forget his problems and fight this new crime wave, and while he's on a case he starts to find out who might be responsible for his family's murder...and that's where he starts to go above the law.

What's great about this trailer is it addresses the appearance of those strange creatures we saw in the first one. You'll remember that I brought up the fact that their appearance was rather odd in such a film, and then one of Filmstalker's readers popped up to tell us that they're actually in the game, but didn't explain any more.

Well now the trailer does that, and that's a really good thing because if anyone else other than a gamer was to watch the first trailer they might start thinking the film is something that it's not, something a little more supernatural and monster based.

Now they've cleared that up, and this trailer also does some of the other cast a favour by featuring them, it's not just about Mark Wahlberg.

Frankly, I think this looks superb, and if the film keeps this up it could be an amazing adaptation and a strong film in it's own right. Then again, this could be all the best bits!

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:Embed:480p:720p:1080p], and here's an embedded for you as well:



Man, that looks awesome. PS - "brest payments", best captcha ever :)

They are totally random, but I do love seeing some of the word combinations and I swear they are deliberately chosen!


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