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New Watchmen footage online

Watchmen_Poster.jpgYes there's new Watchmen footage online, the footage shown at Comic-Con that was much slower paced than the one we saw getting a proper release just recently and in high definition no less.

We catch a glimpse of some of the opening scenes of Rorschach checking out the Comedian's apartment after his exit, and a few more iconic shots that just scream Watchmen.

This one is a bit less than HD quality though, and that's said with my tongue firmly in my cheek, the quality it terrible, you can hardly see much because of mister big head in the way and a complete lack of camera skills on the bootlegger.

However, there are some new scenes caught by the camera and they look so much like the comic book panels that it's staggering.

It's looking more and more like Zack Snyder has managed to capture the Watchmen comic book perfectly and bring it to life on screen, now if his version of the story holds together and the cut works well on screen, Watchmen really could be the greatest video game adaptation of all time.

Here's the footage as captured from Comic-Con and found through Comic Book Movie. It probably won't be online for long, although frankly I don't see why they would want to remove it because the quality is pretty poor.



Worthless bootlegger...Absolutley unwatchable...Not even worth my time,so frustrating...the guy was trying to eat sweet tarts or something while he should have been HOLDING STILL...Very disappointing...

Well, yes. However there are a few glimpses of shots that do look like some of the panels in the opening chapter, and they look great.

We will see this in HD soon, please Snyder, tell us we will.

Tito, you're a [expletive removed - Richard] moron.

The place is packed to the ceiling with security.

Sweet tarts? Says the one with the name of "Tito".


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