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Parkour heist film faking it?

ChanningTatum.jpgParkour is definitely an exciting way of portraying action in film, and Hollywood has been embracing it fully. We’ve even seen it in Casino Royale (Filmstalker review), although my favourite on screen action of it to date has been District 13.

Now a Hollywood film called Parkour is going to make Parkour the central theme as the two leads will be free-running experts who use their skills in robberies.

Sounds an interesting plot, and one cast member has already been announced in the form of Channing Tatum. Now while that’s great I’m wondering if he is a free-running expert, and I’ll prompt that by saying he’s not.

That, for me, spells danger. District 13 (Filmstalker review) was so amazing because two leading lights of Parkour were the leads in the film, and their acting was pretty good too, but their Parkour was stunning. They spent months engineering complex scenes and pushing their own limits of Parkour.

However if Tatum is to play one of the Parkour robbers then he’s either got years of training to fit into months, or they’re going to use a stunt double, and instantly the flow of the action will be broken and we’ll see the stunts broken and ruined by quick editing back and forth between the stunt Parkour guys and the actor, and every shot of the actor will be close up so we can’t see that he’s not actually doing the stunts. What we could end up with is a Bourne identity shoot of Parkour.

Now for those who love the action in Bourne, well this will suit you, but for those who have seen excellent Parkour in action and/or have seen the film District 13, this spells doom.

One shining light is the news from Variety that the director is Richie Smyth who is an extreme sports fan and participator himself. To date he’s directed music videos and most recently four from the U2 album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott are the writers, Scott is a writer on the upcoming Vivaldi film too.



It's doomed to fail. Hollywood is just a big old sausage factory.
For a proper representation of something like Parkour, you need to watch a grass roots film made by people that do it. Like Shanty Town Show Down.


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