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Pitt, Kinski for Inglorious Bastards and Pegg?

BradPitt.jpgBrad Pitt has officially signed up to Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards playing Lieutenant Adlo Raine, the head of the Jewish squad.

However the rumours haven't stopped there, Simon Pegg, Natassja Kinski and David Krumholtz are also in negotiations.

Yes, according to reports Simon Pegg, Natassja Kinski and David Krumholtz are the next in the line up for talks with Quentin Tarantino to get into his World War II film about a group of soldiers on the brink of being shot for various offences who get one last chance to redeem themselves, head deep within enemy lines and take on a near suicidal mission.

Of course they all say no and we go home with credits after five minutes. No! They say yes, and the mission is on.

The casting news for Inglorious Bastards comes from Reuters through Yahoo News, and while Brad Pitt is interesting, and Pegg and Kinski are certainly getting my interest going a little, but I have to say that the casting news of B.J. Novak and Eli Roth to date hasn't really done much for me. So far this cast is a pretty mixed bag, I was hoping for something that was akin to the Pulp Fiction casting in size and stature.

Of course there's more to come, so maybe there are some big guns being held in reserve, and maybe those in talks might not come through. We'll really have to wait and see.

What do you think of that casting list so far? Is this turning into the film you'd be interested in seeing?



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