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Pride and Glory trailer online

ColinFarrell.jpgI haven't really taken in much about Pride and Glory, but noticing that it has both Edward Norton and Colin Farrell in dramatic roles does peak my interest, and it should yours too, especially with the story that it reveals.

They play brother-in-laws in the NYPD. Norton's character is pulled into a task force made up of Policemen that can be trusted to investigate the gunning down of a group of fellow officers under the command of his brother.

The trailer, which I hope isn't giving us too much of the story, tells us that Ray Tierney, played by Edward Norton, starts to investigate the case and discovers that his brother-in-law, Jimmy Egan played by Colin Farrell, may be to blame.

What happens then in the trailer is either a huge spoiler or just the beginning of the thriller, and from the sound of things it might well be just the beginning. It feels as though there's a number of twists and turns on the way, and although my mind started racing and picking them up, I think that perhaps it won't so much be the twists to watch, but the performances.

Not only are Norton and Farrell on the case, but there's Jon Voight as well playing the father of the family who is also in some commanding role of the NYPD task force. Noah Emmerich also plays another brother in the family.

As an aside, Joe Carnahan wrote the screenplay along with the director, Gavin O'Connor.

Sounds a strong cast for Pride and Glory, and looking at the trailer over Cinema Blend [Flash:Embed] gives us a sense of a strong thriller with some twisted moralities. Now you may get a few chances to guess at what's going to happen, but I wonder if the film will survive what might just be a few stock cop drama twists?



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