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Psycho Director's Cut on TV?

Psycho.jpgApparently there's a Psycho Director's Cut out in the wild that has more footage than the soon to be released remastered DVD edition and it's just been shown on German television.

The scenes in question have been captured and examined online for comparison and although the cuts are small, they are there none the less and were made to ensure the film passed the Hays code.

The cuts apparently amount to a little over eighteen seconds, but they were made none the less and in a few key scenes.

  • We seem Marion undressing and Bates spying on her for about five seconds longer
  • Bates examines his bloody hands after murdering Marion
  • Another scene shows him washing his hands clean of blood
  • A small cut of a man letter writing
  • The murder of a man on the stairs seems to be a bit more violent

Those are the key moments which you can read about in more detail, if you read German, over at Schnittberichte.com through Video Watchblog and Bloody Disgusting.

It's an interesting comparison, even if translation sites make a meal of the text, and I'd like to see a better translated version – if any English-German readers are out there then your task is in hand.

Video Watchblog received the tip from a reader and are asking that Universal take these extra scenes and restore them to the film. I'd agree, but if they do, please leave the original version on there too for a direct comparison, that would make for an excellent Psycho DVD release don't you think?

Would anyone else like to see these scenes restored for the upcoming remastered DVD release of Psycho?



Hi there,

It was I who decided to alrert Tim Lucas and several other sites of this German revelation. Just to correct you on a couple of facts.
It hasn´t just aired on German TV, this was awhile back.
Norman looking at his bloodied hands was directly after he´s picked up Marion´s body from the bathroom floor.
And the letter writing insert was simply a country specific change, this being a German language letter repalcing the original English language one.

Thanks for reporting this, and fingers crossed enough people alert Universal to restore Psycho to a tru director´s cut.

Rgds, Simon

Well done for finding it Simon and thanks for the updates.

You didn't happen to record these additional scenes did you?

Hi Richard, thanks, and no I didn't, sadly.
Although I have put out feelers amongst my German friends...

We can only keep on asking Uni to restore it.


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