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Punisher: War Zone to be PG-13?

ThePunisher.jpgThe hits just keep on coming with Punisher: War Zone. Lexi Alexander was reportedly fired from the project. And then Lionsgate were getting involved in changes to the film. Well now it looks like one of those changes is to release it as a PG-13.

Money talks again I guess, they're obviously trying to aim it at the biggest audience possible. Would you want to see a PG-13 Punisher?

It looks like all the trouble over Punisher: War Zone is down to Lionsgate, and their desire to release the film as a PG-13. An insider on the project told Jo Blo of the plan. Lexi Alexander looks to be off the project, and Lionsgate seem to be taking over.

Given that The Punisher kills a lot of people, as you can see in this trailer, what on earth would a PG-13 version look like? And if they haven't filmed it with that audience in mind, won't it end up being cut to ribbons?

Well Punisher fans what do you think, is Punisher: War Zone heading for disaster?



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