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Ramirez on both Escobar films?

EdgarRamirez.jpgNow this is interesting, we just heard that Edgar Ramirez is joining the Joe Carnahan production of Killing Pablo, the story of the drug "lord" Pablo Escobar, after the first choice Javier Bardem departed the production due to scheduling conflicts.

Well Ramirez may well have said no to one production to take up Carnahan's film, and it just so happens to be the rival Escobar film from Antoine Fuqua.

Although Antoine Fuqua hasn't been saying much about Joe Carnahan's film, or not that I've heard so far, Carnahan has been, and he's been pretty vocal about how he thinks it's not going to be a worthy telling of the Escobar story.

It looks like that war of words has escalated as The Guardian picked up on the fact that Carnahan's recent announcement that his Pablo Escobar film, Killing Pablo, gained Edgar Ramirez means that Antoine Fuqua's Escobar film has lost their lead.

It was back in February that we heard Ramirez was taking the lead of Fuqua's film about Pablo Escobar simply called Escobar, and now it seems that he's jumped ship to lead Carnahan's Escobar film. Does this spell trouble for Fuqua's version?

We heard that Javier Bardem was off Killing Pablo and it was almost hours later that we heard Edgar Ramirez was taking up the post. It totally escaped me that I'd written about Ramirez already having the lead of Escobar.

Of course what could happen is that Fuqua could be clever and court Bardem for his film, however I'm not so sure if that will happen, especially if everything that Carnahan has been saying about this story and the factual basis of it is true.

As of now though it seems that the Fuqua film has taken a huge hit, and perhaps they had better ramp up the pre-production hype, maybe attack the script and the negative things that have been said about the film and start fighting back. Perhaps they could even start courting Bardem.



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