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Ripple Effect trailer online

VirginiaMadsen.jpgIt seems to be an evening of disappointing trailers, what about Ripple Effect which stars Forest Whitaker, Virginia Madsen, Minnie Driver and...Philippe Caland. No I didn't recognise the name either, but I did recognise the face.

The trailer tells the story of a man who is a highly respected and successful clothing designer on the brink of complete success. However there's a growing problem in both his work and his marriage, and it all stems from an incident in his past which he must confront.

It's pretty clear what that incident is, well no it's not totally clear, but you can work it out. You see the trailer isn't exactly well put together and feels very much a rough cut.

Philippe Caland plays the fashion designer who, some fifteen years in the past, was the driver in a hit and run, now he feels he must atone for his past to make everything in his present right.

Together with his wife, Minnie Driver, they set out to right the wrongs and meet up with the man whom he run over, Philip played by Forest Whitaker and his wife Sherry, played by Virginia Madsen.

Ripple Effect has won Best Narrative Feature at the Boston International Film Festival and Best Feature Film at Sedona International Film Festival, however the trailer isn't doing the film any favours at all. In fact the trailer concentrates on the awards and titles more than anything else, treating us to brief moments from the film, snatched out of context more so than most trailers.

Of course the actors look great in it, well all apart from Caland who doesn't seem to do much in the trailer, and perhaps that's what won the awards for it, because going by the trailer it wasn't anything else. Saying that, it's only a trailer, so it might not be representative of the whole film. What do you feel about it?

You can see the trailer in Quicktime, in Windows Media Player, or in FLV thanks to Movie-List Forums.



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