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Ritchie talks Sherlock Holmes

GuyRitchie.jpgWhat's most interesting about Guy Ritchie talking of his upcoming Sherlock Holmes film is how much emphasis he's placing on the character of Holmes. Now that's nothing new for a Sherlock Holmes film, after all he is the lead, but for a Guy Ritchie film it's a little different.

He's moving away from his previous arena of London gangsters and intricate plots filled with characters stuck in improbable situations out with their control, and from what he says to a vey unbusy film concentrating on one character.

I do think that this project is beginning to sound really interesting, it already was with Robert Downey Jr. taking the lead, but what Guy Ritchie is now saying about his Sherlock Holmes is even more interesting.

“It will be a very big production, visceral and intellectual...His intellect was as much of a curse as it was a blessing...He was a deeply layered character.”

See now that really is intriguing and suggests that it'll be a huge character piece, something which would be interesting to see from Ritchie.

However there's still that dull ache of a warning around the action side of this new Sherlock Holmes, and Ritchie brings this up again in the story in the USA Today article through SuperheroHype:

“His brilliance will percolate into the action”

It's this new level of action that has a concern for me, and I know that we're going back to the original character, but I don't want to lose everything that the Holmes we've accepted as the character was about.

There's also a concern that this Holmes will turn into a bit of an action hero, and I really do hope that it doesn't go all out to an action hero type film.

Now to be fair to Guy Ritchie and the film he's saying some really positive and interesting things about the character, that he's going to retain that intelligence, bring back some of the original writing, and concentrate on the characterisation of the story.

That does sound good, as long as the action doesn't take centre stage then Robert Downey Jr. could make this shine and we could well see the best Guy Ritchie film yet.



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