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Rumour roundup: T4, Lethal Weapon 5?

SarahConnor.jpgTwo rumours for you, one totally unconfirmed and one that sounds more possible. A rumour is out that Sarah Connor herself, Linda Hamilton, could be in Terminator 4.

And the other rumour suggests that Lethal Weapon 5 is a possibility, and could see Mel Gibson and Danny Glover reunite.

Pause.com through Coming Soon say they had spoken to a studio source, who said that Linda Hamilton had signed a three film deal. She would be playing Sarah Connor in flashback scenes. They've since updated the story to say that her representative has denied the story, saying:

I can tell you that Linda is a big fan of T1 and T2 and would be very interested in hearing about participating in the new film

Who knows though, got me thinking that's for sure. It would be awesome if she was in Terminator 4. I can't see her being the beefed up butt kicker of Terminator 2, but it would help explain the gaps between films. Would you want her in T4?

The next rumour comes from Tracking B through Cinema Blend. Seems Shane Black who wrote the original Lethal Weapon has written a new treatment, and he's handed it over to Joel Silver.

The new idea has Riggs near retirement, and he asks Murtaugh to come out of retirement to help him solve one final case. Wonder if Mel Gibson and Danny Glover can be tempted back, would you want them to be? Having the original writer on board bodes well at least.



It's always nice to see Linda Hamilton in something, but I'm not sure if I would want to see her in T4. Of course it would be great and by the sounds of things she would be the only original cast member from the first two, but I wouldn't want to see her just for the sake of things [Has flash back of Dr. Silberman in T3], unless the character added something and not just there for a throwback to the older movies.


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