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Schwarzenegger talks T4

Terminator.jpgArnold Schwarzenegger has been talking about what he thinks of Terminator 4. He's seen some early footage of the film, and for some reason he's not exactly blown away yet.

I'm still bummed he's not in it. But it sounds like he's hedging his bets on the latest film. Come back Arnie!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking to the Los Angeles Times about McG's Terminator 4. We haven't heard much from the man himself, on the latest film in the series. And instead of talking up the franchise that he has helped make famous, he's a bit non-plussed so far.

I still don't know how it will play out with this one. They showed me some footage, but I don't have a feel for the movie. I didn't see enough. I wasn't sure who the Terminator was. I don't know if there is one or if he's the star or the hero. These are the things that determine the success and how the strong the movie will be.

I'm a bit confused myself on exact plot details, but that's no bad thing. I would have thought that during earlier Terminator films he would have seen early footage, and then seen how it looks as a finished article. Sounds like the main reason he's staying neutral is the special effects, which will play a large part in the film.

With Batman and Terminator, those big movies, there's a certain expectation and if you don't live up to it, if the movie is not a 10, then the business will be soft. If ['Salvation'] is pushing it forward, it will be breaking records all the time. If [director McG] has the T4 and the kind of shots that has the audience thinking, 'Now how did he do that?' -- then it is Terminator and you can blow everyone away and every record at the box office.

I suppose not being involved in it, he's under no obligation to talk it up. But probably the most interesting quote is this one:

I've seen very little footage so I don't really have a feel for it. I hope they do well, and I hope it is a huge hit. I do hope it creates a spectacle on the screen. That is what James Cameron created.

I'm a big Terminator fan, and one of my main bug bearers about Terminator 3 was that it was a bit removed from the epic films James Cameron made. Could Arnie be hinting that a hugely successful Terminator 4, hinges on the latest film returning to what made the first two so good. If he is, then I'd agree with him. What about you?



The more I read about Salvation the more I'm looking forward to it. I guess Schwarzenegger doesn't feel excited by what he saw as I can only assume it's like him watch his wife have another relationship with another guy. Terminator is Schwarzenegger and vise versa.

I wasn't blown away by the teaser trailer, it just made me have something to look forward to, which I suppose works for both me and the studio.


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