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Scottish Highlander?

KevinMcKidd.jpgSo they're restarting Highlander again, it's all the fashion just now and it seems that this franchise needs to be restarted because , well the old one is petering out.

Who's going to play the new Highlander then? Well it seems that one person has already been approached, and he's a Scottish actor too.

I'm sure there are a ton of other actors who have been talked to about the role too, however it's Kevin McKidd that revealed on Dublin radio through JoBlo that he has been approached by the production company behind the restart about starring in the film. Now that may mean leading, we don't know.

One thing we do know is that McKidd has the time on his schedule because the series he was starring in, Journeyman, has been cancelled. He does have three films in various stages of production, but he would have the time for another.

I know most of us are against re-anythings here, but actually this could be a good move for the Highlander series. Let's face it, it's far from a desirable property these days, and is this more of a business restart than a film one? It's about take a franchise and trying to make it a money earner once again, and the material is most definitely there.

It would be good to see a Scottish person in the lead of Highlander, but will it be McKidd, and should it be? Is there a better lead for a Scottish Highlander? I know there will be thousands of people screaming Gerard Butler, but would he pick up a franchise role in a series that saw better days years passed? Who wants to live forever?



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