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Spider-Man 4 in development?

Spiderman.jpgAt the moment there's no word of any of the returning cast or crew, nor is there any word of what the film will contain in terms of story and villains, and in fact there's not even word that the studio are going ahead with a fourth film, so what's the story?

Well there's an auction online that allows you to bid for a prize that includes a ton of prizes on the set of Spider-Man 4, including a walk on part in the film. What's more is that it looks like it is definitely official and is through the charity Stand Up to Cancer.

A worthwhile cause indeed, I've been involved in fund raising recently for cancer charities here in the UK as my mother has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, however can they auction a prize that might not exist?

Well the prize has to exist, otherwise they couldn't sell it and the winner would have nothing but an empty wallet. Just see what they are offering over on ebay through Jo Blo:

“A visit to the set of Spider-Man 4 (one shooting day)
A meet and greet with the cast (1 hour)
A walk-on/ extra role in the film for the auction winner only
Trip to the New York premiere
Designer outfits to wear to premiere for winner and guest from top designers
Winner and guest may keep the outfits
Winner and Guest will walk the premiere’s red carpet”

Now that's a truly awesome prize, I might be tempted myself if the bid wasn't already at US $5,000!

However there is one get out clause:

“If experience cannot be fulfilled, Sony Pictures will provide alternative set visits/premieres based on the provider’s availability”

Then it's followed by the copyright of Spider-Man 4 Movie to Columbia Pictures for 2008.

So it certainly seems official doesn't it? Okay there is a get out clause which covers them should the film not actually get made, but to do something like this you would have to be pretty positive that the fourth film was going ahead in a short while, otherwise the resulting press could be disastrous for the company, the franchise and the charity.

Is Spider-Man 4 a go with or without the cast members or director?



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