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Spielberg leaves Chicago 7 for Tintin

StevenSpielberg.jpgPreviously the news was that Steven Spielberg had delayed working on his film version of the story of the Chicago 7 entitled The Trial of the Chicago 7, new news today suggests that he’s actually backed out of the film and will not be directing it.

It seems that the reasons being given are the WGA strike and the double directing duties for Tintin.

So far Sacha Baron Cohen has been brought on board and there were rumours of Colin Hanks, Jeff Daniels, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Will Smith and Kevin Spacey in discussions for the film.

If even half of them were coming through to sign on then this was looking like a cracking line up, but the question is if Steven Spielberg has pulled out will these names stay on, or sign up depending on where they are in the negotiations.

The film tells the story of the eight people arrested for their role in the anti-Vietnam demonstrations during the 1968 Democratic Party rally which resulted in violent protests and clashes. The eight were whittled down to seven when one defendant accepted a separate trial from the rest and the others were tried and found guilty before being freed on an appeal.

According to a producer on the film Walter F. Parkes through Filmofilia and MovieWeb:

“He is not going to do it…He kind of had a moment of availability to do it, and the strike got in the way. We were unable to do the script work that Steven felt he needed and then, by the time the strike was over, he had already committed himself to begin production on Tintin”

So are they going to be looking for another director then? Will the project still move ahead? It certainly seems to carry enough relevancies in society today so here’s hoping. However I think it's really sad that Spielberg left this dramatic film for Tintin. Not that Tintin is a bad film, just that his dramatic films can be so powerful.



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