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Stalked: Updated: Bardem off Pablo Ramirez on, Neesom on Fools Rush In, Moresco on Lucky Luciano

JavierBardem.jpgJavier Bardem scheduling conflicts mean he's off Joe Carnahan's Killing Escobar...

Liam Neesom joins the cast expanding Fools Rush In...

Bobby Moresco, the co-writer of Crash, is writing the story of mobster Lucky Luciano...

Javier Bardem looks like he won't be playing the Columbian drug leader Pablo Escobar in Joe Carnahan's Killing Pablo, and that's a shame because he would seem so perfect for the part, but then you could argue that he's already played the role already in No Country for Old Men (Filmstalker review). The news comes from Entertainment Weekly through Jo Blo.

Not great news that the schedules wouldn't work, but I have no doubt that Carnahan's film is going to be very powerful regardless. I wonder who could play the role of the ruthless bad guy in question, Eduardo Noriega perhaps?

Update: The replacement has already been found we're being led to believe by a rumour over at CHUD through /Film that it's Edgar Ramirez.

Actually it's much more than a rumour, it's fact, and it comes from Joe Carnahan himself. He was down in Colombia with the very man and he's all fired up to go. Here's to Killing Pablo.

Meanwhile Javier Bardem is in the film Fools Rush (Play.com / Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) In with Orlando Bloom which we hear from Variety through Jo Blo that Liam Neesom has just joined. That's making a great cast already, and seems to be far from the small film I thought that Bloom was going to end up in, and that he was talking about earlier in the week.

Finally in this Stalked update, Bobby Moresco, the co-writer of Crash (Filmstalker review) , is to write a film about the famous organised crime member Charlie “Lucky” Luciano, the second project on the mobster with the other being written by Joe Cortese. A large part of the story, according to Variety, will follow his thirty year prison sentence that the government pardoned him on as long as he used his mob contacts to root out spies during World War II as well as arranging safe landing for troops landing in Sicily.



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