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Stalked: Conan rewrites and Toronto's false world premiere

Conan.jpgThe Conan remake is getting rewritten, there's a lot of "re"'s in there...

Toronto International Film Festival doesn't have the world premiere of Stone of Destiny...

First up, the new Conan film, which is going back to the original source novels, is heading for a rewrite and the names behind it, according to Quiet Earth, are the Outlander writers Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain. Well it sounds a good match, and that's about all that I can really say about it.

Secondly news from The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News says that:

"The Toronto International Film Festival unveiled a slew of world premieres Wednesday including its closing-night selection, Charles Martin Smith's action-comedy 'Stone of Destiny.'"

Oh, that'll be the Stone of Destiny that showed a number of times at the Edinburgh International Film Festival back in June? 21st at 18:45 and 23rd at 18:15to be exact?



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