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Stalked: Fiasco Heights, Playing for Pizza, Politics and religion

Fiasco Heights from Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes gains a director...

John Grisham's Playing for Pizza gets a film adaptation...

Article VI: Faith, Politics, America examines the close ties of politics and religion...

Samuel Bayer, a music video and commercials director, has signed up to direct the action thriller Fiasco Heights for Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes company. According to The Hollywood Reporter the story tells of a gunman who returns to Fiasco Heights, a city overrun with crime, and teams up with a PI and gambler who is on the run from a syndicate in order to look for a mysterious woman and a missing briefcase. Wow, now that sounds like film noir in true Bogart style, of course in these guys hands it'll have MTV stamped all over it.

Playing for Pizza, written by John Grisham, is heading for the big screen with director Adam Shankman and writer J. Mills Goodloe. The story, according to Variety, tells of an ex-NFL quarterback who ruins his last chance to play in the superbowl and so heads off to Italy and plays in a semi-professional team. He said of the film:

"We want to make this grittier than the book, a cross between 'North Dallas Forty' and 'Jerry Maguire,' about a character who fails in the public eye, goes into survival mode as a result and then learns through a series of events that he doesn't have to be Tony Romo to be a success as a man..."

Sounds more interesting than the blurb which doesn't really inspire me to consider reading the book.

Article VI: Faith, Politics, America is a documentary which is set to look at faith based politics, i.e. the role of religion in today's political leaders and how the church and the state are connected. According to Variety the film will interview historians, religious leaders, politicians and average voters. Surprisingly the story tells us that all manner of groups have been supporting the film including religious ones, which to me suggests that the documentary doesn't go far enough.



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