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Stalked: Monster Attack Network, De Fortabte sjæles ø, Ninja Assassin speed script

Disney are adapting the graphic novel Monster Attack Network while Universal are to remake De Fortabte sjæles ø with the original director and co-writer Nikolaj Arcel taking the helm, and finally there's interesting news that J. Michael Straczynski took a mere fifty three hours to write the Ninja Assassin script.

Does that say a lot for the film? Who knows. Interesting news that Arcel is the latest foreign director attracted over to Hollywood to remake his own film, is Hollywood starting to get it right?

Monster Attack Network is a story about a South Pacific island where a rescue team arrive to save the residents who are regularly attacked by giant monsters that keep emerging from the sea. The story from Variety sounds a bit unusual, but perhaps there's something in it. Anyone read the comic book?

Nikolaj Arcel is set to remake his own 2007 film De Fortabte sjæles ø as Island of Lost Souls in Hollywood. The original was co-written and directed by Arcel, and the Hollywood version is written by Jennifer O'Keiffe.

According to Variety the story is about a teen living in suburbia who finds herself playing a major role in an ancient battle between good and evil when her younger brother is possessed by the benevolent spirit of an eighteenth century magician.

Sounds interesting, and the film was one of the highest grossing films in Denmark last year. This marks another foreign director heading across to Hollywood and remaking his own film, or leaping on the Hollywood bandwagon.

Finally, AMCTV through Filmonic tell us that J. Michael Straczynski was asked to write the script for Ninja Assassin by the Wachowski's from their treatment. He said that there was a lot of work to do but managed to turn it around in fifty-three hours, that's incredible.

“About a month and a half ago I got a call from the Wachowski Brothers. I met with them and they had a draft for this movie called Ninja Assassin, which wasn’t at all where they wanted it to be. And they said, “We need a whole new script, and we go to camera in six weeks.” So I went home and put on a pot of coffee, and I wrote essentially a whole new script in 53 hours. When a friend calls you and says they’re in trouble, you do what you have to.”

A great quote, and a scary feat. Could you write a script in that amount of time? Well I guess it depends on how the film plays out.



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