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Stalked: No End online legally, Hamptons thriller, Swank borrowed and blue

No End in Sight on YouTube legally…

Austin Chick’s Hamptons thriller…

Hilary Swank's production company buys Something Borrowed and Something Blue...

The documentary No End in Sight from the film-maker Charles Ferguson is to be released on YouTube, legally. According to Yahoo News the film is to be available on YouTube from September 1st to November 4th.

Austin Chick is writing and directing a thriller that will be based in the Hamptons and will follow two brothers and one of the brother’s girlfriends, who are vacationing in the Hamptons on Long Island when they come upon a cache of…well…cash. According to Yahoo News they start to work out how to divide up the cash when they are hunted down by those that own it, and their plan becomes more and more complex. Sounds interesting.

Yahoo News also have the story about Hilary Swank’s new films, adaptations of the novels Something Borrowed and Something Blue. One novel follows the story of a woman who, after her thirtieth birthday, becomes involved romantically with her best friend’s fiancée. Oh dear. The second book, Something Blue, follows the same story but from the view of the best friend. That sounds an interesting setup, and hopefully they’ll make it more real world than romantic cheese.



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