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Stalked: Sherlock villain, Inglorious Bastards, Gnomeo and Juliet, A Serious Man

Various casting titbits have appeared online which are pretty interesting.

The villain for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes has been chosen to go head to head with Robert Downey Jr...

There's another actor in talks for Inglorious Bastards...

Gnomeo and Juliet are in talks with big stars...

Coen Brothers cast A Serious Man...

Mark Strong is the man to play the villain in the Guy Ritchie film of Sherlock Holmes which already has Robert Downey Jr. in the lead. The news comes from Ritchie himself through FlicksNews after he talked at the BFI Movies-Con.

Michael Fassbender is in negotiations to join Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards according to Variety, and I'm starting to lose interest.

James McAvoy and Emily Blunt are set to lead Gnomeo and Juliet, yes I did spell that correctly! It's a CGI animated adaptation of the classic Shakespearean play. Previous stories had Kate Winslet to lead but scheduling conflicts mean that she's off. Elton John is set to provide the songs for the film pulling from his back catalogue and possibly some new songs too. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

The Coen brothers have pulled in Michael Stuhlbarg and Richard Kind to lead their new film A Serious Man. It tells the story of a professor whose life falls apart when his wife is leaving him and his inept brother won't leave the house. The story comes from Variety.



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