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Stalked: Simon Pegg, Game, Harry Potter

Simon Pegg is off Inglorious Bastards, but has something else up his sleeve.

The release of Game has been pushed back.

And Harry Potter fans have a longer wait too.

One rumoured cast member will not be appearing in Inglorious Bastards. Simon Pegg has said he won't be in it, due to scheduling conflicts. He will however be starring in a road movie, it's called Paul, and his co star from Spaced Nick Frost will also be in it. Greg Mottola will be directing. The news comes from Cinema Blend.

The futuristic thriller Game, starring Gerard Butler will not be released until summer 2009. The futuristic thriller has Butler as a man who is controlled by other humans in a huge online gaming environment. He decides to get out and take down the games mastermind. The news is from Cinematical.

Finally, Harry Potter fans looking forwarding to the next film installment have a wait on their hands. The BBC say that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will now not be released until summer 2009. It's getting crowded in there. It was supposed to be out in November this year. According to Warner Bros. there is no delay in making the film, and it all looks great. Instead, they want to make sure they have a summer blockbuster on their hands, and the writers strike has meant that some other scripts have taken longer than expected.



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