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Stalked: Wheel of Time series and The Russian Amphibian

The successful Russian novel and film The Amphibian has been bought by Hollywood to make a big budget film...

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series is set to hit the big screens...

Wheel of Time is the latest fantasy book series to be bought up and transferred to film. The late Robert Jordan's four very successful novels have been bought up for adaptation with the first called The Eye of the World. The books have sold forty-four million copies worldwide and has many offshoots already including computer games, trading cards, role playing games, soundtracks, comic books, and so on. A film seems the next natural progression. The story comes from Variety.

One of the most popular Russian book and film properties has been bought up by Hollywood in order to make a western film version. The original novel was released in 1928 by Alexander Belyaev called The Amphibian and was made into a very successful film in 1962 called The Amphibian Man.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story sees an American surgeon, I presume this means the Hollywood adaptation, implanting fish gills onto his son in order for him to survive a respiratory disease. However he now has some amazing powers, mainly that of swimming underwater for long periods of time. He saves a local fisherman's daughter from drowning and then they fall in love.



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