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Stalker's Poll: Do you want another Aliens film?

RipleyAlien3.jpgYes, I've left another poll run on, I'll get the turnaround faster for you soon, in the meantime the last poll asked, "Do you want another Aliens film?", and the answer was pretty clear.

Although most of you wanted one but only with James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver, there was a real mixture of opinion in the middle ground of the answers. Let's see what you said.

29% - Yes, but with James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver
12% - Other: "yes, by quentin tarantino", "[blank!]"
12% - No, it's done
12% - Yes, but one of the previous directors and no Sigourney Weaver
12% - Yes, but with Ridley Scott
6% - Yes, a completely new cast and crew
6% - Yes, but with James Cameron
6% - Yes, but with James Cameron and Ridley Scott
6% - Yes, but with Sigourney Weaver
0% - Yes, a remake

My faith in you all as an audience is secure, it's great that "Yes, but with James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver" is the top answer and the bottom answer, with no votes at all, is "Yes, a remake". Thank the lord, I really was worried about that popping up the list.

What's interesting is, apart from the "Other" values flying up the chart, is that the next popular answer is "No, it's done".

Generally it seems that you the franchise to continue and you want it with one of the original two directors, and overall with Signourney Weaver, which is all good.

Now we have to make sure that Hollywood doesn't remake it, and that they strike now while the rumours have both Weaver and Scott contemplating a possible return.



I've always preferred Scott's film to Cameron.


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