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Update: Sukiyaki Western Django trailer online in HD

SukiyakiWesternDjango.jpgThe trailer for Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django is online, and it looks glorious, it really does. The styling on the film looks superb, and the camera presents some interesting framing. Not only that but there's the cool mix of east and west which might turn out to really work.

However there are a couple of amusing points, particularly about Quentin Tarantino's appearance. Oh, and you'll realise that there's no voice throughout the trailer, I really do think that's a big oversight on whoever encoded it.

Update: 29/08: Looking for a version with the voice over track from Tarantino? Well I've now got it.

That is unless that's the way the trailer is supposed to be? No matter. I love the fact that the big opening title says:

"Miike is one of the greatest directors living today."

Wow, that must be from someone really famous, it is. Quentin Tarantino, one of the stars of the film. You have to love the irony of that, even though it's a pretty fair quote to make, it's rather funny that it comes from one of the stars who's not even known for his acting.

Then there's the clip that shows Tarantino playing an old character as well as himself, let's hope he's not going all Eddie Murphy on us and starting to play multiple characters in one film. He might have fifteen roles in Inglorious Bastards!

That aside, and the glaringly terrible error of missing an important audio channel on the encoding, the trailer does look wonderful, and there's a great talent pool there too. There's a real mix of genres in there and it looks like it might work to give us something really exciting.

The film is in English - apparently because you wouldn't know from the trailer - and sees two rival clans in a mountain town living in a tight balance of power searching for some lost treasure. A stranger arrives in the town and begins to upset that balance. It's a real mix of world influences and there's one shot in the trailer that shows that off the best with the sword versus the pistol.

Here's the trailer for Sukiyaki Western Django from Takashi Miike. It's over at Yahoo Movies through Movie-List Forums in High Definition Quicktime - 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Update: 29/08: The trailer has appeared on Apple Trailers [QT:Embed:S:M:L] who now have the trailer in three different sizes complete with a full voiceover and audio track. This has Tarantino growling his way over the trailer, and not sounding half bad either.



I saw this movie at the International Film Festival recently and it was really good. According to the festival booklet this movie had the Japanese actors speaking in phonetically correct English which it was although it made it hard to understand as well but it also said that it would actually be subtitled in English as well but it wasnt.

Maybe it was an early release for the festival? Often you see that and you can end up seeing an almost complete print. When it finally reaches cinemas there can often be changes.

That or the festival just messed up their booklet!

It's definitely a fun watch!

Well in some instances subtitles would have been useful but then again it is better without them otherwise I would have read the subtitles even though they were speaking English!


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