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Swayze for Dirty Dancing 2?

DirtyDancing.jpgI'd take the following news with a lump of salt. But fans of Dirty Dancing brace yourself, Patrick Swayze could be thinking about starring in a sequel. With Swayze doing well despite his battle with cancer, offers are lining up. And a second Dirty Dancing sequel may be one of them.

I've seen the film a couple of times, but it's far from my favourite film. There are some die hard fans out there though. Would you want a sequel?

The rumour of a Dirty Dancing sequel comes from the Metro newspaper, through Cinematical. Patrick Swayze is back filming his TV series The Beast, and is doing much better despite having treatment for cancer. A studio insider is quoted as saying:

It's great news that Patrick is so well and there are lots of offers for him. Everyone wants him to star in a Dirty Dancing sequel. It's just a matter of him making his mind up.

Even is Swayze wanted to I imagine it would be a while off. His health will take a while to recover, to the point of being able to do a film like that. It might just work though I suppose, but I would think it would need Jennifer Grey onboard as well. So Dirty Dancing fans, would you want to see Swayze back as Johnny Castle. And would it depend on Jennifer Grey coming back too? How could they make it work 20 years later?



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