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Teresa: The Making of a Saint comedy trailer online

Teresa.jpgSeriously, this is a comedy isn't it? I just watched Teresa: The Making of a Saint and burst out laughing, seriously. In fact the laugh was so quick and unexpected I made one of those trumpet laughs where your lips stay together and you spray your screen!

The film is supposed to be about Mother Teresa and her formative years, but seriously, watching this it looks like a parody filled with cheese. I've never heard such an out of place voiceover either.

The trailer shows Mother Teresa as a young nun straight off the front of some young men's magazine, and makes you think some very wrong things about a nun.

Some of the highlights are the totally unromantic way the priest touches her face as the voiceover tells us "Sometimes, what is so wrong, can feel so right", or immediately afterwards and the Monty Python style voice of the older priest comes in and shouts "Oi! Stop it!" in an Irish accent that belongs in Father Ted! Oh that had me laughing so much.

Another bit is where Teresa says that she was told to come here, to which the Mother asks "who told you?", and we get the Michael Bay montage of images of Jesus to a big drum beat, her response is almost as cheesy.

I love the Mother's response to that, it reminded me of Star Wars, "the faith is strong in this one"!

Another laugh was the moment where Teresa decides where she must go to give her love where it is most needed. She sits absently spinning a globe and looks to above the camera line, "Calcutta", out of nowhere.

Then we're treated to this voiceover lecture of Teresa achieving everything in a place where people had nothing, or some such rubbish, which is quickly followed by the sound of a sword clashing against something. It sounds like a Uwe Boll film or something!

Oh, and I think I catch him saying it's rated NC-17 at the end.

Honestly, this trailer is hilarious. You have to see it. So far it's sitting over at the official site [Flash:Embed] found through Collider for you to watch under the trailer section. See if you think it's as funny as I did.



WTF! That's put a smile on my face after a long day at work.

From what I can tell it's a fake trailer, starring one of the characters from How to Lose Friends and Alienate people. Megan Fox plays Sophie Maes in that film, an aspiring actress. This is one of her "films" I think. I'm happy to be proved wrong though. And if everyone knew that I'll stop teaching my granny how to suck eggs.

It's pretty damned funny though, someone should make this!

Of course it's fake! I was hoping that the secret would ride out longer but some other sites just came straight out with it. It's much funnier when you approach it with a little doubt.

Still, it is cracking. I wonder if Tropic Thunder is going to be good then and avoid the standard Stiller/American film comedy.

are they going to show this trailer in the cinemas too? hahaha it's crazy! i'm a big fox fan and playing "TERESA" is hilarious. thanks for putting this up richard! cool scheme from the minds behind this film, i'm talking about "how to lose this" time.

so isn't that fhm's sexiest playing a nun?!?! =p

i can't wait to see how to lose friends and alienate people!!!


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