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Terminator Salvation gets another baddie

HelenaBonhamCarter.jpgHelena Bonham Carter, who took the role first destined for Tilda Swinton, has revealed that in Terminator Salvation she'll be playing a baddie.

Although it doesn't sound like she'll be playing a Terminator herself, more perhaps a human collaborator with the Terminators, or maybe just a bad person out for herself now the world has turned to poo.

Speaking of her role in Terminator Salvation Helena Bonham Carter says:

"I kind of play a baddie, definitely a baddie...I don't know how much I'm allowed to say, but I'm a very bad person."

That's it, that's all the inside information we get from her comments over at SciFi Wire. She does go on to say that she had to take the role since Tim Burton is such a huge Terminator fan.

She does seem excited about being in a big, all male, action popcorn film (as she describes it), and it will be good to see her play a baddie.

I think we can rest assured that this isn't going to be a Terminator role though, I doubt we're going to see female Terminators this early on. Maybe we are, maybe the timeline has radically changed this time. However I think she's either a human looking out for herself in a post apocalyptic world or a collaborator with the machines, something I think wouldn't be too far from reality if this were to really happen.

I'm with some of the comments we're seeing on the site, the latest from Billy, the more we do hear about this new film the more I'm getting interested in the restart of the franchise. Genuinely, and I am a huge Terminator fan (the first two anyway) and a huge Arnie fan, so that's a very big thing for me to say. Take note McG, I'm not going to be won over easily, but what you and the cast are saying, and what you're all doing is starting to sway me.



Now I could imagine Helen playing the T-X, although I doubt she'll be playing a Terminator, like you said Richard (but who knows with this?). Another thing to wait and find out about.

Glad to hear Tim Burton is a fan.


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