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Terminator Salvation secret in title

TerminatorEndo.jpgTerminator Salvation is managing to hide its secrets pretty well, but McG just can't help teasing the fans about what the upcoming film holds for John Connor and the fate of the world, and in his latest tease it looks like he might just have given away a rather big clue.

McG himself has revealed that there's a big clue to the new film where we haven't looked yet, and he told us where.

The clue for the Terminator film is within the title itself, Terminator Salvation. McG goes on to give a few further clues through MTV Movies Blog:

“Even though we may sin ultimately we deserve a second chance...Sometimes life is worth living when you make sacrifices so others may benefit.”

Okay so if we think about that title what does it mean, especially alongside those comments. Could it be that the salvation is that humans get a second chance and that's given to them by the Terminators?

Now I'll have to warn you here, if you hadn't guessed already, some of this is possibly going to head into spoiler territory. I'm going to talk about things that I've already heard rumours about, and things that have already been revealed, and conjecture that might just turn out to be true.

You have been warned.

Perhaps the machines have a second chance themselves, a second chance at living together with the humans? That might tie up a few things about the Marcus character that have been hanging about, like the very early story I caught about Marcus being a Terminator.

Except that if he is a Terminator, which has all but been announced, why have we been hearing things about John Connor talking with him and discussing whether to trust him or not, and even seeing the pictures of him going face to face with him?

Okay, he might not know he's a Terminator, and yet it's clear that he knows he's not the good guy. Could the machines be taking a cue from Battlestar Galactica and perhaps making some of the Terminators have enough self awareness to consider the fact that both humans and machines could exist together and Marcus is one of them?

No, I think that sounds a little too much like Galactica and it really would stick out against the Terminator franchise.

Perhaps Marcus is the human or Terminator that finally brought about the war and Connor is giving him a chance to redeem himself and save what is left of humanity in order that they can start a resistance? Perhaps Marcus will get that second chance and he's the one destined to make the sacrifice to let Connor start the resistance despite being the one who brought about the destruction in the first place?

What do you think it means, and just who is getting the salvation in McG's Terminator Salvation?



I'm really looking forward to seeing Christian Bale in the role of John Connor -- should be a good movie this one.


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