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The Host II teaser online

TheHost_Poster.jpgWell the first teaser has appeared online for The Host II, and it's a very clever one, but to be honest a complete cop out and cheat for those looking for a new The Host film.

I'm one of those people. I really enjoyed the first and thought it managed successfully to bring together so many different genres of film and provide something different from the mainstream. Plus it was hugely entertaining and fun.

Well The Host II may have a different director than The Host (Filmstalker review), but the effects and the subtlety seem to be there with this teaser, they haven't gone for a big action/monster inspired teaser trailer.

I like it, although it is lacking in substance. Have a look at the teaser found through Rope of Silicon and see what you think.

Yeah, it is a cop out, way too early to be showing anything I think. Still, it's suggestive enough...there are multiple creatures in this one...perhaps all over the world?



I disagree, I thought the first one was an overlong mess that never found a proper tone. At times it was truly horrific and at other times is was as slapsticky as a Three Stooges short (this is a problem with a lot of Asian cinema). I thought the film started out with a lot of promise - the opening was terrific, but then nothing happens for an hour. I'll be curious to see what others say about the sequel.


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