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The Lucky Ones trailer online

MichaelPena.jpgOn paper The Lucky Ones has a lot to offer, but watch the trailer and I think you'll be wondering if there really is anything in it worth seeing.

First up let's look at the positives, and there are many, the first things you'll notice are Tim Robbins, Michael Peña and Rachel McAdams, all excellent actors and a superb mix, but then there are a couple of reasons behind the camera too.

There's Neil Burger who co-wrote and directed the film, he's got The Illusionist to his name as writer and director, his co-writer here is Dirk Winterbottom, no laughing please, and he has Fierce People to his writing credits.

So on paper The Lucky Ones looks good, even when you hear the story is about three soldiers returning from Iraq who all suffered various injuries there. They end up sticking together for a road trip across the U.S. as Collee, Rachel McAdams, wants to return her boyfriend's guitar back to their family, T.K., Michael Peña, is trying to build his confidence to be able to return to see his wife after receiving an injury in the groin, and Cheever, Tim Robbins, is wanting to win big on the casinos to pay for his son's college.

Yeah, it does sound like a modern day Wizard of Oz journey, but again, on paper, it sounds great. There's the possibility of tackling something in very real ters and addressing the return to normal life of soldiers and how they deal with it.

Then there's the trailer, which I found through Screen Rush. Have a look at it and see what you think.

Going by that it seems a little bit of a jumble and doesn't seem to know what it's pitching itself as, nor what it's trying to say. There are hints of seriousness in there, and hints of the comedy of life, but there's nothing that's really coming out and catching my attention, and that's a surprise considering all the names involved.



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