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The Mummy 4 in Mexico?

RobCohen.jpgLooks like there could be a fourth Mummy film after all and Rob Cohen is talking it up at every opportunity. I first heard it when he commented on the possibility of a xXx sequel with Vin Diesel, well now he's talking about locations for the new films as well as what he would explore in it.

The question is will it be successful enough to ensure another one is made.

Now you should be aware that as part of this story there's a big spoiler. So what I'll do is talk about the location aspects of the sequel first and then I'll go into the spoiler territory so that you can read as much as possible about it without spoiling the story.

It seems that at the end of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Evelyn's brother Jonathan, played by John Hannah, moves to Peru, and that's possibly where Rob Cohen would want the next film set.

In comments he makes through Cinema Blend he says:

"If we want to go to Mexico or we want to go to Peru, we can because there’s a cultural truth there of the mummies and these beautiful cultures."

Now, spoiler territory, and this could be huge I think, so if you don't like spoilers the time to look away is now.

You see there's a big reveal about the ending of the film, and while it feels completely Indiana Jones-esque, it does offer some interesting things for future films and also a big surprise in that the franchise isn't being geared just to be handed off to Alex O'Connell, played by Luke Ford.

Cohen reveals that near the end of the film Rick, played by Brendan Fraser, drinks from a pool of immortality:

"Rick is now immortal. I’d love to explore how that plays out for him"

Now that does surprise me, I really thought that this film was gearing up for a handover to the son, but it seems it opens all sorts of possibilities, the biggest one being the return of the entire gang for a fourth film, although Mexico? I guess if they've moved it once they can ove it again.



i like the 3 mummy it was set out good, the 1/2 movie's of the mummmy were good, beacuse all the mummy movies are set out in a country and it shows how the people were in those times and how exciting to watch the films as well. The movies tell you a lot about the culture of the place and how it was like, but some of the stuff could be true/ false unless you would want to look up the history of that place and look at the information. I wouldn't mind the mummy 4 in Mexico or PEru, but it will be good to be in Peru beacuse Jonathan, played by John Hannah moves to Peru and in Peru there, are lots of mummies and the culture is very intresting too. if i was the director of this film i'll probably film the mummy 4 in Peru, the pryamids, the mummies and the people at the place/ location of the movie are very outstanding. The director should film the mummy 4 in Peru the cast would like the culture of Peru.

peru peru !!! i think is the best country in the world
is very amazing and interesting with a lot of history culture and great people

Although I thought Mummy 3 was enjoyable, it wasnt as much fun like it used to be - perhaps I was missing Rachel Weisz too much as the chemistry between her and Fraser was just too good. But also because I couldnt really sympathize with their grown up son here and Bello was a poor replacement for Weisz. Hannah is always as cracking as ever!

I loved the first two. Rachel Weisz made a far better Evie than Maria Bello she is a good actress but no Evie. In the first movie it mentions that Evie is half Egyptian and with Rachel's looks you could believe that. With Rachel's Evie the chemistry between her and Rick was believable. they could not keep their hands or lips off each other and the fact that Alex being an only child with parents hot for each other, right! The third installment to the Mummy movies was a great disappointment and I only saw bits and pieces of it. In a nut shell it was pretty bloody stupid. Also with the third film they made Rick to be a neglectful father, in the Mummy Returns he was very protective of both Evie and Alex I just could not see Rick doing that. Bring back the original Evie and the original magic to the Mummy films that includes the original cast and crew. :)

Maria Bello is no Evie, I feel this has soured it for me, I hated every breath she drew in mummy3, mind you my son could not care less as he was more interested in the 'Mummy' and would happily eat sweets through the Mummy4.

However, and I say this from a person who is getting old POV, my parents always said the 90's remake of films were much better in their days,k and what with JJ Abrams Star Trek re-booting for a new generation, perhaps we could have an all-new mummy?

Yes my father in-law still insists that the older ones were best, think we wil stop inviting him round on film thursdays, hes probably only turning up for the chinese food anyway :)

Hey Hans, great to see you here, welcome to Filmstalker!

She is a great actress, but the problem is she's cursed with the "womanly" roles far too much, either a woman in distress that needs to be saved or the background wife character.

Here she had a good role, but the problem was it was overshadowed by the previous occupant, and a much respected one too.

I agree with what you're saying, not about your Dad, although I would be heading round for the chinese myself, but about the remake.

They would have been better doing something different with the franchise than trying to move it across to China. Sometimes things just need to be left alone.


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