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The Office adapted for film

Stromberg.jpgThe Office is a hugely popular comedy show that first started in the UK and spread across the globe with different countries creating their own unique versions of the comedy, but as yet there's not even been a hint of a film version, until now.

The Office is set to become a feature film, but not from its UK origins, it's going to come from the German television version called Stromberg.

Stromberg is the German adaptation of the hit BBC series The Office, and the plan of the group behind the project is to complete the fourth series on German television and finish it off with a film.

Christoph Maria Herbst is set to star in the lead role as the incompetent boss of a small insurance office. With the show running into its third series already, Herbst has become huge in Germany and will be the natural choice for the film version.

According to Yahoo News the series writer and co-creator Ralf Hussmann is writing the script. He's also writing a spin-off series about one of the characters from the original show, the office sucker-up Ernie.

It seems that the German version of The Office is doing very well, but I think it's a shame that the only film version of the series is going to come from Germany, not for Germans of course, that's great news, but for fans of the original series it is a shame we're not getting to see Ricky Gervais back in the role for something on the big screen.

I guess the big question is could a film version of The Office work? The Boss of It All (Filmstalker review) suggests that it could.



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