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The Road script review online

TheRoad.jpgThe Road, the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel by the writer Joe Penhall, has completed filming and the first script review has made its way across the Interflab as quick as you can type. Although it isn't an extensive review, there are some interesting comments that make it sound that this could well be a powerful film.

Indeed the reviewer suggests that this is going to be a completely faithful adaptation of the novel, but let us remember that a film is always made three times, in script, in direction and in editing.

The Road script review is over at Quiet Earth through Jo Blo and tells us that it's one powerful piece of work. I'm not going to copy and paste the two scenes they describe because they have the exclusive and there are some spoilers in there. However I am going to say that they are raving about the script and reading these scenes makes you realise that the story is going to be very dark and very bleak.

They call it a masterpiece and they go on to say:

“If this is the script that gets filmed, then The Road will not only be the most important post-apocalyptic film ever made but it will profoundly affect the cinema going world. But I can't help but wonder; is the world ready for a film this dark?”

Well that does sound like a groundbreaking film, and huge praise indeed, in fact almost too much. On the question of if the world is ready for a film this dark, well of course they are, have you seen the world outside of late?

Our films are getting darker all the time and touching on harder and scarier topics, and more and more we're getting drawn to real life topics, topics that have a huge impact on our future lives, of course we're ready for it. In fact I think it's more important than that, we need to see these kind of films to make us think about our own mortality and those around us.

Sounds as if The Road is one of those films, and it's secured it's place on my must see list.

The Road tells the story of a father and son travelling across the US to try and find safety in a terrifying post-apocalyptic world, but not in a science fiction way, more in a serious, reality based way.

The film is directed by John Hillcoat who brought us the superb The Proposition and stars Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Robert Duvall, a cracking line up of talent.



I've just read the book while on holiday. It's not exactly light reading, this won't exactly be a feel good movie!


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