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Tr2n (Tron 2) behind the footage

Tron.jpgAccording to reports the originial director and co-writer of Tron has no real involvement in the new film, and that's allegedly because John Lasseter thought that although Tron was superb and was totally taken with it, they missed a real chance to make something totally compelling.

So although Steve Lisberger has spent years working on a new script, that went out the window and Lasseter hired some new names.

Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were pulled in to write the sequel, and these writers have soe strong background in writing complex and entertaining scripts behind them as they've been working on the series Lost.

The story comes from Jim Hill Media through AICN, and it goes on to say that Joseph Kosinski then became the man behind the camera, and although he's never made a full length feature film, he has made some amazing adverts for Saab, Nike and Microsoft.

That brings us to the piece of footage that is still available online, you can see it right here on Filmstalker where it genuinely did get picked up first. Apparently this was created as a test reel by Kosinski to show what he had in mind for the sequel. He worked with Digital Domain for six months to create this clip.

Note that according to IMDB Kosinski is also down to direct the Logan's Run remake.

Now, and remember this is all unsubstantiated rumour, JHM say that while Lasseter loves the idea and wants the sequel made, Disney executives are none too interested, which seems insane considering the play that this clip is getting and the excitement it's raising.

What makes it more ironic is the fact that they're busy working on Toy Story 3...now I know which I would much rather see.

I say release this clip in high definition already and see the response you get. Ask the audience and then see if they want the Tron sequel made. If it's done right, they will, and you could make a fortune. They'd be fools not to pick up on the online buzz for this film.



writers from LOST being involved? good news.

too bad pixar isn't interested in doing a half cgi-half live movie. can you imagine the buzz they'd create if they got Pixar onboard?

can't wait, either way. Tron 2 is coming.

now, let's hope they change the name. Tr2n is moronic. MORONIC.


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