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Tropic Thunder clips online

TropicThunder.jpgThere are five clips online for Tropic Thunder, the film that works on the Three Amigos idea of actors being forced into real life situations. This time it's jungle warfare and the film leads with Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Jay Baruchel.

Watching these clips raised a few laughs for me but they do seem to be taken right out of context, and perhaps the joke trailer we saw for Teresa: The Making of a Saint is going to turn out better.

Here are the clips, see what you think. You'll notice what I mean by context when you see the “You People” clip, that was in the trailer and the joke continues for a few seconds more there and gets even funnier, here it's cut seemingly a little too short.

Teen Choice Award

You People

Your Brother

Parachute Down

Theme from the Jeffersons

Still despite these clips I think this might just turn out to be funny, and perhaps Stiller's funniest film to date - is that difficult? Really? However I suspect it'll be Downey Jr. that'll help push that along.



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