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Universal Soldier 3 and Lost Boys 3?

UniversalSoldier.jpgHere's an interesting piece of news, I've been joking about getting a Universal Soldier 3 film off the ground with all these eighties restarts on the go, but it's only been a joke. Well maybe from me but it seems that the director of Lost Boys: The Tribe has a script for Universal Soldier 3, and that it was being considered.

However the news today is not so good. The potential reunion of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren is down the tubes, and I think that's terrible news. That and the news that there might just be a third Lost Boys film, it seems that direct to DVD pays off after all.

The news from P.J. Pesce, the director of Lost Boys: The Tribe, is that he had a great script all ready to go but the plan has just fallen through, he uses a much harsher and more definite term:

“Unfortunately that has fallen apart...It's really too bad. We had a great script. But it just cratered - I don't know what's gonna happen.”

That's the comment from Moviehole through Bloody Disgusting, and it's pretty final isn't it? I think that's a real shame because Universal Soldier was a fun film, and something pretty good could be done with it.

Imagine if they don't only update it but make it more realistic, take out some of the cheesy lines like...

“You're discharged Sarge”

...and give it dramatic strength and a decent budget. Both Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren can act, and both of them could do the original justice with a nicely updated and bigger budget film. I'd definitely go see it, wouldn't you?

In other news the director is also saying that Lost Boys 3 is being discussed...oh dear lord. I'd rather see a new Universal Soldier.



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