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V the film script reviewed

V-miniseries.jpgThe script of the new film version of V, the mini-series from back in 1983, has been reviewed online, and while it's supposed to be updated and new, reading it seems like I'm reading the overview of the mini-series.

The original series was ground breaking and really grabbed people's imagination, in fact it's gone down in history as one of the best mini-series out there and is one of the top science fiction programmes of all time.

V, the mini-series, told the story of the day when human looking aliens arrive on Earth with massive saucers appearing in the skies above major cities. However in this story they come in peace, and they offer some outstanding medical and scientific advances in exchange for some supplies and the use of certain facilities.

Cooperation ensues, and it seems to most that the aliens and humans are living together in harmony. However a few are beginning to find out the truth. The aliens are in fact reptilian and are after the natural resources of the Earth.

We knew Kenneth Johnson, the creator, writer and director of V, was looking to get a film version going, as he said in a previous article:

"… since I own the motion picture rights to V, we're in the process to do a remake of the original mini-series first as a theatrical feature, which I'm so jazzed about because it will give me an opportunity to really realize it and execute it in a way that was impossible to do back then. Then that will lead to the obvious sequel, because it is a franchise, and then we'll get into The Second Generation and I'm hoping we'll be able to do two movies, because there's certainly enough material in the novel to warrant two separate sequels. That's my goal at this point and that's what we're in the process of doing. I just literally came from a meeting, 15-20 minutes ago with a fellow in Beverly Hills who really says that we're gonna do it."

Now there are some positive movements on that front. However it was Latino Review who managed to grab a hold of the script for the new film version and writes up a fairly lengthy overview of the script.

Now I read it and I have to say that it reminded me of the mini-series almost perfectly, and there doesn't seem to be that much new to it. However that is what it is billed as, an adaptation of the 1983 mini-series for the modern big screen.

They loved it, and say that the script is modernised well with the reader drawing parallels with Iraq and modern war, something which I imagine most films about invading groups or resistance fighting would do. They draw comparisons between Independence Day and V for Vendetta (Filmstalker review) - oh please take the Independence Day side of it away, or make it just the opening sequence!

Yet reading the review, which does contain spoilers, it is almost identical to the mini-series, from my memory at least. While that's not a bad thing I don't really see the signs of modernising the script.

Still, even if it is the same and just the costumes and hairstyles are updated I do think that this would be a hit. It's a great story and would really capture the audience again, if done well. I think this would really have to get a good budget and a strong creative team behind it, imagine what could be done in the hands of some of our top class directors today?



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