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Valkyrie sued by extras

Cruise-Valkyrie.jpgI hate the American culture of suing everything that moves, it seems that people are no longer responsible for themselves and it's always down to someone else to blame, and if it is then they need to be sued because money makes it all right.

Sure in some cases it does, because there are things to pay for, but if all your needs are catered for, it's on a job that you signed up for, and you knew the dangers before you got involved, is there really a recourse?

That's the problem here as a group of eleven extras (not altogether actors) get together to sue United Artists for US $11 million, that's a million each, I would guess that their injuries are substantial and that they're going to need a lot of money to recover.

That was said with tongue firmly in cheek, and you know they've just seized the opportunity to get some extra cash. Of course it probably ruins their chances of working as extras again, would you hire someone who previously sued their employer?

Perhaps, but the worst is yet to come, they claim that United Artists knew that there were problems with the trucks not being entirely safe, one of which was involved in the accident where the eleven extras were injured.

So they were told it was dangerous? Well why didn't they not do it? It's like that woman who sued for having hot coffee that burnt her...Well, ermm...doh!

The story comes from Der Spiegel magazine through Deadline Hollywood Daily and it looks like the eleven are racing ahead to squeeze money out of United Artists. Oh well, looks like either the studio will be closed down again pretty soon or the film Valkyrie will feel the burn. Big thanks to the extras there.



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