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Venom writers/creators on spin off

Venom.jpgWith Sony's Venom spin off film still moving along, the creator and writers have been talking about the film. They've been saying what they think will be needed, if a Venom spin off film is to work.

Sony are hoping that a Venom film could help give the Spiderman series a boost. And from what the creator and writers say, Sony may want to get them working on the film.

It is following Venom's appearance in Spiderman 3, that he is to have his own film. And the creator of the character has his own views on what it will take to make the film a success. Speaking to Splash Page, David Michelinie had this to say.

I think Venom could headline a good movie on his own, but it would be tricky and would depend in large part on the script...If Eddie’s still dead from Spider-Man 3, the story and the success of the movie would depend almost entirely on the personality of the character who would combine with the symbiote: his motivations, his background, his methodology…his heart and soul

Kaare Andrews, who wrote Spiderman: Reign, is excited about a film version. But we wants a different Venom than the one in Spiderman 3, and he also wants Spiderman to still be the hero.

I’m hoping this version of Venom will be the big beast of an alien from comics and not as wimpy and whiney as the last movie. They are so great as opposing forces, and as a fan I feel a little cheated from Spider-Man 3.

Perhaps the most telling comment comes from Peter Milligan who wrote Spider-Man: Venom vs. Carnage. He wants a darker film, but has a feeling that isn't what we'll get.

It’d be cool if they made it the darkest and most disturbing Spider-Man movie to date. A real journey into the dark side of the inhuman soul. But that won’t happen.

I like the sound of a really dark film, but as he says it's unlikely. Sony will probably stick with a similar feel to the Spiderman films. I suppose a darker film could mean a more adult rating, and there goes the big box office. It's great hearing the creator talk about what the film could be though, makes me wish he and the other writers were coming up with a script.

Do you agree with the writers about what a decent Venom film will need? Would you rather see a darker film, maybe not aimed at capturing such a wide audience?



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