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Voltron goes cheap

Voltron.jpgVoltron has assigned a director, just after the news was broken that it was being passed over by Fox to a smaller company and getting a much reduced budget. The director is Max Makowski.

He's directed Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and The Agency television shows as well as being marked as the director of the Kung Fu film adaptation and the writer of the Hawaii Five-0 adaptation.

One thing is clear, he's strong on television related work, and so that might stand him in good stead for Voltron.

Yet there's the drop in budget to be concerned about, and on a film about giant robots and huge set pieces that could be a big problem, especially when the bar has been set with Transformers (Filmstalker review) and it's soon to be sequel. Well I say bar set high, I do mean in terms of effects and action, not cinematic value!

The story from Latino Review through the cool Cinema Blend suggests that Max Makowski is a hot property, up and coming - Kung Fu and Hawaii Five-0?

Well maybe he is, but with a small, restrictive budget, and a big robot film to make, I think he's already up against it.

Transformers this is not going to be, but saying that could be a good thing. Perhaps there will be a chance to see something a little stronger and character based.



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