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Update: More W. behind the scenes footage

JoshBrolinBush.jpgThis is the first foootage we've seen of the upcoming W. film from Oliver Stone chronicling George W. Bush's life and time in office.

In it we see a Bush speech delivered by Josh Brolin as President Bush, and I have to say he sounds and looks pretty damn good. There's also a few glimpses of Laura Bush as played by Elizabeth Banks.

Update: In the second clip we see Oliver Stone talking about the film and his own beliefs, as well as Josh Brolin saying that he really didn't want to do this to begin with and damage his career.

The speech is almost poetic and rather haunting when you hear it delivered a few times, but it is very close to the sound of George Bush himself and it looks like Josh Brolin is set to do a superb job on W.

It's a shame we don't hear any more speaking parts from the other leading cast members, and the rest of the video is pretty quiet. Still, that opening speech is well worth it.

Here's the video found through /Film:

Update: More footage has appeared, and this one has Josh Brolin and Oliver Stone talking about the film and their part in it:

Looks and sound aside, I'm still concerned about content, I really don't want this to go light on Bush and his party and it really should highlight the things he's done over his career, both good and bad...and that depends where your politics lie for which you believe he's done most of.



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